Sapat Chai

Sapat first ventured into the tea industry in 1905 –
when India was part of the British Empire.

Sapat Chai over the years


After having realized the enormous potential of the fast growing tea industry in India, Sapat decided to venture into new waters and introduced Sapat Chai in the year 1905. By 1910 Sapat’s Chand Tara® became an extremely popular brand in Iraq and the Middle-East. In the 60’s and the 80’s Sapat Chai rooted itself in the rural market with Sapat Chai packets.

1990 saw the launch Parivar Chai, ascending Sapat to be one of the best tea-leaf brands in India. This led to the opening of the retail and franchise stores across Maharashtra.

Following the success of Parivar, Sapat decided to expand its horizons to cover the country in the eve of the new century. Parivar was re-staged and aggressively marketed in various states of India. Sahyadri, a premium dust tea brand was launched during 2003 as well. 2006 launched ChaiTime, an elite range of premium quality tea with a variety of different tantalizing flavors. Today, Sapat has a wide range of Chai that reach out to cater to the taste of millions of people, countrywide.

  • Kadak

    Sapat give you real freshness, excellent taste and aroma. That is why we call it as KADAK chai.

  • Taste & Quality

    119 years of knowledge and experience has given rise to sapat's trademark 'kadak' taste and optimum quality tea.

  • Aroma

    Sapat's tea products bring in prime quality tea leaves hand-picked from the finest tea gardens of Assam,resulting in the sweetest and the most tantalizing aroma ever.

Our Brands


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Sapat the very first premium dust tea the company launched boasts a 119-year-old legacy.


Parivar loved by millions of tea drinkers in India. tea brand is known for its unique 5-tea blend.


Sahyadri Premium Dust Chai (Green) Sahyadri Kadak Chai (Red) and, the recently launched, Sahyadri Elaichi.

Spice Chai

Spice Chai eliminates the hassle of adding spices to your tea.

Chai Time

ChaiTime is the result of an insight into the legendary Indian chai experience.