Sapat Sahyadri brand offers 3 popular varieties: Sahyadri Premium Dust Chai (Green) Sahyadri Kadak Chai (Red) and Sahyadri Elaichi.

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An elite brand in the dust tea sector, Sahyadri is known and cherished by chai-lovers across the country. The brand offers three variants: Sahyadri Premium Dust Chai (Green) Sahyadri Kadak Chai (Red) and, the recently launched, Sahyadri Elaichi. The last of the three (Sahyadri Elaichi) is praised for its high quality elaichi properties, scintillating aroma and adding a unique twist to your everyday elaichi tea. It’s a blend of the finest tea leaves from the reputed tea gardens of Assam, and elaichi seeds verified by our experts. Sapat’s Sahyadri Chai offers excellent quality and the trademark ‘kadak’ taste at a reasonable price.