Consumer Health

Sapat has been manufacturing India’s most trusted
consumer health products for over a century.

Consumer Health over the years


The very first product ever offered by Sapat was the Sapat Lotion, way back in 1897 by Mr. Ramashankar Haribhai Joshi. From there on Sapat’s Pharmaceutical department grew at a steady pace, launching products ranging from analgesics to hair-care.

  • Sapat Dr Skin

    Sapat Dr. Skin is a range of expert solutions for many commonly encountered skin ailments. They are safe and extremely effective against skin-related fungal infections.

  • Sapat Ayusas

    Ayusas brings an entire range of natural remedies that have been specially formulated through modern science to make them more effective. Hence, for the first time providing a range of natural remedies that are as effective as their allopathic counterparts.

  • Sapat SOGO

    Sapat's SOGO personal care products help provide gentle care and better health in the most natural way possible.

Our Brands


We guarantee that our brands are among the best in the market. Feel free to or ask for more details.

Sapat Dr Skin

Sapat Dr. Skin is a range of expert solutions for many commonly encountered skin ailments. In our 120 years of experience, We have seen all types of skin problems and have developed products that are faster acting, safer to use and simply better because we listen to your needs. In short, We are skin care made simple. If you have any skin ailments, ask Dr. Skin first.


Ayusas is not just a name. It's an entire philosophy which we have used to create a new line of effective and natural ayurvedic medicines. The name Ayusas comprises two parts AYU + SAS. AYU is derived from Ayurveda itself. Breathing in Hindi Means Saans. The combination of 'AYU' for Ayurved and 'Sas' from Saans not only symbolizes a remedy for respiratory conditions but also stands India’s renewed belief in traditional wisdom, improved through modern science.


Sapat’s SOGO Ayurvedic Hair Oil is a unique blend of 22 Ayurvedic ingredients (the highest number of ingredients used in hair oil). This revolutionary oil acts as a tonic, providing essential nutrients to your hair. It penetrates deep into the scalp – right to the hair follicles – to help to control hair fall & dandruff hair fall and dandruff, while maintaining the moisture level of the scalp. We understand your concern for your hair; we’ll help you care for it in the most natural way possible.