Consumer Health

Sapat has been manufacturing India’s most trusted
consumer health products for over a century.

Consumer Health over the years


The very first product ever offered by Sapat was the Sapat Lotion, way back in 1897 by Mr. Ramashankar Haribhai Joshi. From there on Sapat’s Pharmaceutical department grew at a steady pace, launching products ranging from analgesics to hair-care.

  • Anti-Fungal Brands

    Sapat’s antifungal products are made from the best resources in the market. They are safe and extremely effective against skin-related fungal infections.

  • Cough Syrup

    Sapat's non-alcoholic formula provides safe, quick and much-needed relief from problems such as sore throat, bronchitis, cough, cold and more.

  • Personal Care

    Sapat's personal care products helps provide gentle care and better health in the most natural way possible.

  • Generic Medicines

    Sapat has also got a range of generic medicines. It's a pharmaceutical drug which is equivalent to a brand-name product in dosage, strength, quality, performance, and intended use.

Our Brands


We guarantee that our products are among the best in the market. Feel free to or ask for more details.

Sapat Lotion

The oldest & flagship Brand of the group, Sapat Lotion is a fungicidal skin lotion, in liquid form. Its Keratolytic and Antifungal properties destroy parasites and provide immediate relief.

Sapat Malam

Sapat Malam, Sapat’s another heritage and most prestigious OTC product is the only malam with Modern Molecule TOLNAFTATE – a highly active fungicidal agent.

Sapat ItchGel

ItchGel is a unique gel-based anti-itch medication with the added skin rejuvenating properties of aloe vera. It is the only gel-based anti-itch OTC product in the market.


It’s a broad spectrum antibiotic cream It’s effective against wide range of micro-organizms including Bacteria, Fungi.

Sapat Ayusas

Sapat’s Adulsa Plus is amongst the best cough syrups in the market. Its non-narcotic, non-alcoholic formula provides safe, quick, bronchitis, cough, cold and more.

Sapat SOGO

It penetrates deep into the scalp – right to the hair follicles – to prevent hair fall and dandruff, while maintaining the moisture level of the scalp.


For Fungal Infections, Bacterial infections, Itch and Eczema.

Sapat Ayusas 2 in 1 Drops

Sapat Ayusas Cough Drops comes with the combination of Taste + Health