Who We Are

121 years young conglomerate with interests in Tea,
Consumer Health, Retail, Realty and Education.

Introduction to Sapat


Sapat Group has been around for a long time. We launched one of India’s oldest OTC pharma brands – Sapat Lotion – in 1897, and ventured into the tea industry in in 1905.

We have grown considerably since then; evolving with our consumers and using over a century of experience to best effect. Today, we have four major divisions: tea, tea retail outlets, healthcare, and education. We continue to provide India with its most trusted medicines. And the world, the finest Assamese tea.


History of Sapat


Above all, we at Sapat believe that it is our moral and ethical duty to act with honesty and integrity in our business practices.

  1. The Foundation of Sapat

    In the year, 1897

    Sapat founded by Ramashankar Haribhai Joshi. At a time where Indian owned companies were rare in the British Raj, the company started with Sapat Lotion, one of the oldest Healthcare brand in India. This was followed by a foray into tea, resulting in the birth of the famous Sapat Chai.

  2. The early 19th Century - Chai to the Middle East


    Sapat becomes a leading exporter of Chai to the Middle East. The Chand Tara® goes on to become the preferred brand of Indian Chai in Iraq and the Middle East.

  3. At the advent of the '40s


    Sapat Pharmaceuticals expands with new products and geographical footprint across India.

  4. The Glorious '60s to '80s


    Introduction of Sapat Chai packets and rural promotion vans expands distribution and makes Sapat Chai one of the most popular brands across Western Maharashtra.

  5. Parivar Chai '90s


    Launch of Parivar Chai. Its unique 5-tea blend, and the communication agents based rural marketing effort, make it one of the largest leaf-tea brands in Maharashtra.

  6. New Beginnings

    Late 1990s

    Foray into real-estate and retailing. Sapat fresh loose tea stores expand through franchising.

  7. Turn of A Century


    Sapat sets its sights on the national market. With the restaging of Parivar chai and distribution expansion across major cities in India. Sahayadri, a premium dust tea is launched in 2003.

  8. Its Chai Time

    Year 2006

    Launch of ChaiTime, leveraging a century of insights from the Chai traditions of India. ChaiTime is the first Indian brand to offer an authentic Indian Chai experience.

  9. Rejuvenating Digital Presence

    Year 2016

    After serving for more than 11 decades to our customers, we look forward for a better way to communicate and engage with them; which is why it's equally important to change with the modern times; especially when 'customer delight' is your biggest motto.

Our Value System

  • Always delight the customer.
  • Have the passion to excel.
  • Be result-oriented.
  • Lead through innovation.
  • Think big.
  • Act with integrity.