Sapat Chai

Sapat Chai is Sapat’s oldest premium dust tea brand, with a legacy of 119 years.

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Sapat Chai the very first premium dust tea the company launched boasts a 119-year-old legacy. Known for its consistent quality, Sapat Chai holds the highest share of the premium dust tea market in Maharashtra; Sonali Kulkarni and renowned Marathi Thespian Nilu Phule, quoted on behalf of the brand ‘assa kadak ki mhanal Zakaas!’.

it has a strong retail base and a steadfast consumer base. Sapat Chai comes in 3 variants: The classic Hotel Dust, the aromatic Gulabi, and the scintillating Chocolate. The chai is packed in thick metallised laminates to maintain 100% of its natural flavour and aroma; from the factory to your tea cup.