Parivar Chai

A household name, this 5-tea blend is favored by millions of tea lovers across India

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Parivar Chai is a household name, loved by millions of tea drinkers in India. This premium mid leaf tea brand is known for its unique 5-tea blend. Its ‘kadak’ taste and lively aroma is packaged using an ultra-modern metallic foil sealing process – a testament to our ‘technology meets tradition’ philosophy.

Parivar Chai has been endorsed by celebrities like Farida Jalal, the cast of Hum Panch Serial and renowned Marathi actor Ashok Saraf, with our tagline ‘Surr ke piyo’. As a brand, Parivar Chai has endorsed major blockbusters films like Dhrishyam, All Is Well and Bajirao Mastani. The Parivar Chai group also addresses our society’s foremost social concerns through a brilliant initiative – Parivar Tea Canvas