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Sapat Pharmaceuticals:
The group's first line of business, Sapat Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1897 by Ramashankar Haribhai Joshi, who discovered a unique formula which could cure skin diseases. Thus was born Sapat lotion. Today, Sapat has a range of pharmaceutical products which include Sapat Lotion, Sapat Malam, Sumala cough syrup & chewable tablets, Gripeaid and Sapat Analgesic cream and the recently launched Dr. Skin portfolio. With over 125,000 medical outlets, Sapat is now a household name across India.

Sapat Real Estate:
Besides community service in and around Nashik, the group has also been involved in real estate projects with an aim to develop the infrastructure in the region. With a decade long experience of developing and adding value to the district's real estate market, Sapat has widened its operations to construction and land development.